Aquaculture 101 is designed for learners of all types to learn about aquaculture as a sustainable practice and a job creating industry. Course topics include: 

1. The History of Aquaculture.

2. The Science of Aquaculture.

3. Aquaculture Technology.

4. Sustainable Aquaculture. 

5. Careers in Aquaculture.

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To complete the Aquaculture 101 course, start by watching the Modules 1-5 videos below. Once complete, you can click on Go to the Quiz at the bottom of the page. In order to pass the course and receive a certificate via email, you must score a minimum of 75%. Please note: When starting the quiz, please provide your first and last name, the name you provide when starting the quiz is the name that will appear on your certificate. At the end of your quiz you will be provided with your overall score. If you’ve received a passing grade, check your email (and junk folder) for your certificate. If you do not receive a passing grade, you will be provided with an opportunity to retake the test.


During this module, students will be introduced to the aquaculture industry as well as its historical foundations and presence in Canada. Topics from upcoming modules are introduced including the need for sustainable protein sources in the future, technological developments in the aquaculture industry, and the health benefits of seafood.


During this module, students will be introduced to the scientific concepts which drive aquaculture including ecology, sustainability, seafood nutrition, as well as farming techniques of primary fish and shellfish products.


During this module, students will come to understand how the aquaculture industry utilizes technology. From simple improved netting materials to complex machine learning and automation.


During this module, students will be given a look into the future to understand the world’s upcoming food needs and how aquaculture is a key part of solving this problem. The health benefits of seafood, as well as the sustainable nature of aquaculture, will also be introduced.


In this module, students will go behind the scenes of the aquaculture industry and meet current employees. Students will learn about the diverse roles as well as the educational and personal decisions that lead to a career in aquaculture.

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